Articles submitted to the Turkish Journal of Military History shall not be previously published and shall be authentic in a way that it will contribute to the literature of the relevant field. Articles, which are descriptive expect for the stated parameters in the “Publication Ethics and Evaluation Process” or which are repetitive in their field, will not be taken into evaluation.

Articles based on presentations submitted in scientific meetings may be accepted for evaluation, provided that they have not been published in the proceedings of the meetings and that the authors inform the editors so.

If the article submitted to the Journal’s e-mail address comply with the formatting principles presented below and is found to be eligible in terms of subject/field, it is sent to (at least two) referees who are experts in the field. The Authors may re-submit their articles revised according to the reports of peer-reviewers or editors. If the article is considered to be ill-revised, it is rejected and the process is over. If the article is considered to be revised properly, it is taken as a newly submitted article into the process.

Authors, who send articles in a foreign language to the Journal, are obliged to get their work proof-read by a native speaker academic who is considered as an expert on their field and to provide an evidence of this proof-reading. The proof-reading process may also be carried out by the editors of the Journal by out-sourcing a native speaker, provided that the payment for proof-reading is paid by the author.

Opinions expressed in the articles published in the Journal are the personal scientific evaluations of the authors and are not, in any way, the institutional views or opinions of their own organizations/institutes or of the Fatih Institute of Military History or Turkish National Defence University.

The authors whose articles have been published in the Turkish Journal of Military History are considered as natural peer-reviewers of the Journal and they are obliged to perform a peer-review at least once upon the request of the Editors.

Authors should download the “Draft Article Format” prepared by the editorial board to be able to fulfill the requirements regarding content, citations, bibliography and format.